Opposites - Elizabethans did accept some traditional views, but


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Use words and phrases from the text to complete these sentences

1. The Elizabethan era was a Golden Age, but also a time of struggle for peace and stability

2.As You Like it is a comedy, while Hamlet is a tragedy

3. Elizabethans did accept some traditional views, but

4. Some playhouses lost money, but others profit

5. While a few private playhouses were indoors, the public ones were open to the sky

6. Audiences were seldom bored, as the actors knew how to hold the crowd's attention

7. The actors were not trusted with a complete playscript, so they have to learn their lines

8. Elizabethan theatre put elegant costumes and realistic props on stage, but had almost no scenery

9. Shakespeare´s themes are timeless, though at first the language might seem antiquated

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