Vor- und Nachteile/ pros and cons von Boot Camps


21. Mai '20

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Nenne Vor- und Nachteile von Boot camps. (English)

+ Boot Camp

-This can shorten your detention time

-Many countries have too little money to invest in prisons

Someone who has been to the boot camp definitely doesn't want to go there anymore

-the boot camp offers no opportunity to come into contact with drugs or similar things, unlike in prison

-The discipline is also mentioned as a pro-argument, which the convicts are taught through a regular daily routine and rigid structures

-the educators in these camps are trained and should know how to best help the young people

-Boot Camps

-Constant humiliation, physical exhaustion and social cold cause frustration and later resignation

-Dropouts who just can't keep up have to go to jail without counting the time

-Boot camps are very psychologically and physically stressful for the delinquents

-the young people have no connection to the educators and therefore no trust

-a person to whom you have a direct connection can definitely make a difference in the adolescent









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